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Get 100 Leads FREE!

Welcome to …” The Local Marketing Boss Team” …


Step one:

Remember, Here is what you earn on commissions if you are a free member

if you are NOT purchasing leads you only get 25% and NOT the full 50%

Understanding this Key point:


Step two:

If you are not on autoship for a block of leads take a minute to login to your back-office and purchase a block of leads. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and over a dozen other payment methods.



Step Three: Clearly remember this:

Once you place an order, you can earn up to a 50% First Order Bonus (FOB) Make sure you log in to your back-office and click the “Order Leads” link to lock-in their position so they are not Leapfrogged™ over and be sure that you go through the ‘Get Started’ site as well.


Step Four:

Please reply by email and let me know what three of your goals are.


My three goals are to have in 3 years (June 2012- June 2015)


Here are my goals over the next three years: The first 90 days June – Sept 2012 my focus is on reaching 1000 active users any position they enter.


My three goals are to have in 3 years (June 2012- June 2015)


a)  My first goal is to have one Thousand total active Members.


B)  My Second goal bring into my organization 167 of each of the first three levels.


June 2013 –  June 2014 (Marketing Consultants, Managers, Directors.


C) My Third  goal Bring into my organization 167 Executive Directors and Vice

Presidents June  2014-June 2015




Marketing Consultant



Marketing Manager



Marketing Director



Executive Director







Step Five:

When can we talk by telephone, or Skype.  Successadvising is my number on Skype. I would like to Introduce you to my sponsor over the phone or Skype and let him share with you about the user forum, conference calls etc and answers questions that I cannot.


Step Six Questions to answer:


1) Do you want to be a TOP Recruiter and

2) Top Income Earner?

It’s all in the numbers, the more you advertise the more you’re recruit and the more you will make.

Is it that simple? Yes it’s that simple if you focus on just promoting My Lead Company.

Break the list down to about 10 sites a day at first than expand to 20 sites a day than 30 sites a day.

You must promote everyday, advertise on the same sites only once a week, and expand by adding

more sites. The more you advertise the more you will make; this action creates sales.

Spend 90% of your time online placing ads, focus ads on My Lead Company not other businesses.

If you follow these instructions you should be Top Recruiter in MY Lead Company in 30 – 90 days and Top

Start posting ads and watch what happens. You do not have to sell anything. Just post ads.

Here are some Sample ads just change out my links in the ad with  your own.

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