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Directory Submission, How helpful is it in Search engine optimization?

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'Directory Submission Tools - Digital Point (Photo credit: Search Influence)

Directory Submission, How helpful is it in Search engine optimization?


What is directory submission? How does it help in the web site promotion? Many think directory submission is similar to the data entry jobs and they assume it to be very simple and easy. Sites like yahoo, Google etc have huge web directories similar to the phone directory we use. These directories are store houses of relevant information about business concerns and web sites all over the world. Thus for promoting a web site its details are submitted to the directory in exchange for a small fee.

Again this directory submission can either be done manually or implemented through automated services. When someone submits his web site to a directory human editors have to go through them to check quality and other guidelines. With millions of web sites coming in daily it is not easy or it is very stressful to go through them and check for quality. So automated directory submissions was invented to check for the submission guidelines. The advantage of this automated submission is that it is easy and less time consuming. It automatically checks and submits without delay.

But what really matters is whether the web directories can accept automated directory submission as they are very strict about the guidelines. Moreover if the category to which the submission is made is not chosen properly then it loses its purpose. You cannot expect an automotive service to analyze which category your submission is best suited don’t you? Thus though the time factor favors automated directory submission it still has a long way to go to outbid manual services.

Any product or service hitting the public market needs to be advertised. There are various ways and means through which this advertisement can reach the general public. The print media, roadside banners, brochures, graphic boards etc are some of the familiar marketing techniques followed. Created a professional website to promote the business is the new and trendy marketing tool undertaken today to expose a business. Imperative features like the SEO, SEM, directory submission, link building etc help to increase the search result when someone searches in the search engine.

The web site payout along with the catchy content and tags should be competent to bring in customer traffic. And to enable this many factors are concerned imperative like the SEO, SEM, directory submission, link building etc. any business concern which takes off as a fresher must give away a press release and do the Online Directories and Search Engine Submissions. Press Release is nothing but a public relation announcement about the new business prospects. The information provided should be 100% original and no false or exaggerated content should be focused on. This is the main door which opens up to the public who will trust what they see or read from this press release. This can also be done during a course of a business when they roll out a new product or have introduced or opened a new store.

 Directory Submission, How helpful is it in Search engine optimization?

Search Marketing Training and Certification

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Search Engine Marketing Gap (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

Search Marketing Training and Certification


At the early days of search training  SEO and pay per click advertising something for geeks who learned the stuff by experimenting with it and learned from their successes and failures while simply doing it. How to rank in search engines and how to write a compelling Ad within three short lines and research keywords is not exactly the things that are taught at the universities. There were no bachelors or masters’ degree in search marketing or something like that.

Hireling somebody with experience and proven knowledge about search to do your in-house search marketing was impossible. You had to take a person’s word for it and watch if the results eventually reflect what he had promised from his own training and what you expected during the job interview.

“Growing” staff in-house from an inexperienced rookie to a valuable asset was often the best option. The former graduates and newbie’s became experienced marketers with the time and made it hard for companies to be able to keep them. They learned quickly what their work and experience was worth. Those People did often quit their job at the company where they learned the business to work for a specialized search-marketing firm or to start their own business.

Independent training and certification did not exist.

Changing Landscape

The landscape regarding education,’ training, and certification changed dramatically since the middle of 2006. Before 2006 did virtually no or only a few training curriculums to internet marketing, especially to the fast growing subject of search engine marketing and optimization exist, at least none, which resulted in an industry wide accepted form of certification that could be used by the students who successfully completed the training to use with confidence for a job application.

Combined industry efforts and the shortage of skilled internet marketing professionals created a boom in new services, which offer new training courses and seminars including certification to various internet-marketing subjects. Not all certifications are accepted or acknowledged across the industry, but most of them offer at least a similar level of education, which makes 3rd party certifications almost in all cases just as good as an “official” one.

Broad Selection of Services

The offers vary in price, amount of transferred knowledge and distribution method. Self-learning courses in printed and electronic format online are as available as hands on training classes in real classrooms with real teachers and interaction with other students. In addition, the combination of virtual training online combined with interaction with real teachers and other students is in some cases an option.

Companies can now send their employees who might have a major in marketing and advertising or computer engineering to a paid training and know when they come back and passed the exam and got their certification that they do know at least the basics of the job they are supposed to do.

Graduates Are in High Demand

The demand for graduates from the new available colleges, training programs and online classes is high and successful alumni in subjects like SEM/PPC or SEO can often choose from more than one job offer available to them. Classes are usually very affordable ranging between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Finding Job Openings

If you are looking for a job in the search marketing industry, or if you are a personnel manager and looking for SEM professionals to hire, you might want to have a look at the niche job search site JobsInSearch.com, which specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing jobs and careers. There are also the large and generic career opportunities portals and sites where you can look for job openings in search engine optimization, pay-per-click and internet marketing in general.


Times are certainly changing and the realm of the one-geek shows is slowly ending. The industry matures at last.

 Search Marketing Training and Certification